What is Medium ? How To Use it and 7 Things you Should Know If you Are a Medium Writer

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Hey Folks ..!!

I am writing on medium from last few month’s and suddenly I thought new medium writers who want’s to start with medium but don’t know about it . and search about it how to write on medium so i am creating this detailed article from very basic to advance .

How it will help a beginner or intermediate medium writer ?

In this article i will start from what is medium to how to write an impressive article on medium that reached everyone and also got appreciated. for example almost everyone get to know about how to write article on medium once they come here but, very few one know how to use it’s features like small and big words i.e. highlight and headline, turning light words into bold and inserting code i.e. sniplet and using GitHub gist to insert the code from GitHub repo, inserting photo’s videos and many more other interesting things .

So Let’s Start From Here .. :)

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What is Medium ..?

Source :- medium.com

Medium is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation. The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regularly regarded as a blog host. Williams, previously co-founder of Blogger and Twitter, initially developed Medium as a means to publish writings and documents longer than Twitter’s 140-character (now 280-character) maximum.

Basically medium is platform where you can write you article(story) and then publish them so that anyone can read it . If they like your story then they can clap on story one person can clap 50 times maximum per story and can response your story by telling about it in response section .

so first of all when you type medium in your browser. and click the first link .

source :- google

after clicking on above link you will be landed to medium.com you can see in below picture .

source :- medium.com

so here you need to create account on medium for this just click on Get Started then you can create account with your email id or your Gmail account .

Then you will get this screen shown in below pictures .

source :- medium.com

and for checking you profile in medium just click on you photo showing at top right corner and click @your user name

click @your user name

here you can see your profile and can edit about you and also you can see your all articles and all .

Now if you want to create new article then again click on you photo showing at top right corner and then click on new story .

Creating new article on medium

after that you will get space to write you story like first in Title you need write what you is about .. and in tell you story you can write you own words …

source :- medium.com

For Example, recently I have written one story on what is cloud computing and aws ….

Here is the link of recent article :- What is AWS ? Who’s Using AWS and How they got Benefited by AWS .

What is AWS ? Who’s Using AWS and How they got Benefited by AWS .
HellO EveryOne..!!medium.com

so i am going to show you that so that you can get to know how to start with article and what is title, image and all .

giving title of story

Now the one of the most important part of creating a article i.e.

so for example I created this image for my article, remember this image will be your main image that whenever you share your story on Linkedin, twitter anywhere this image will be shown there. even in your medium profile also

image importance

Ahead you can start according to you with some good line or anything

image of sniplet

1. Inserting code in grey background

Now u might be thing that in above image everything is ok but how that grey space comes and how words are written in that . 🤔

Alright so, let me tell you this part when you write something whether its code or some paragraph . if you want to show it like shown in above image then write anything like ctrl +alt +6 , now select it with mouse or shift + arrow (right or left) like this shown in below image

select the text

then just press ctrl +alt +6 from your keyboard and you can see it will turn it like this .👇

ctrl + alt + 6

if you dont want to use this shortcut key then you can also use triplet back quote (```)

i.e. write something then write triple back quote(```) in front of it .

and one more thing if you want not complete line but single word of line should come in this way . then just use single back quote

.i.e. use single quote like this ` then write something hello then you will output like this .

Note :- back quote is key is located directly below the Esc key.

→ Now we are good to go if you want to highlight something then just select that word or that line and then just press ctrl +b it will turn it into bold word .

→ if you want to give headline like this shown in picture

then just write something then select it and after this you can see one pop-up type something will come and will give you some options .

clcik on big T

It will turn you text into this big title.

What is Cloud Computing

that’s all this is how you can change your normal text to a headline .

2. Giving Link on Text

Now Next if you want to give any link on any text then follow below steps ..

for example I want to give link of medium.com on the text medium so lets see how we can do this .

Medium is an platform where we can write our story and can publish it .

after clicking just paste the link and then press enter .

after this if anyone click on this link then it will redirect them to medium.com

and if you want that first letter of your paragraph become big and others small then you can just simple trick

e.g. Medium is best . (we are going to turn it into first letter big )

so for this just select the word or line and then follow instruction as shown in below image .

click on quotes

Medium is best .

then you can see it will become like this ☝

3. Using GitHub gist for Inserting the code

For this open your GitHub account

source :- github.com

Now at Top right corner you can see you picture just click on that and then just click on your gist

click your gist

then you will be landed to page something like this

my github profile

if u don’t have any gist created yet then just click on + icon showing at top right corner

click on plus icon at center

you can write any kind of code or can paste any of your file code and give some like i have given helloworld.java

give some name and paste the code

now just choose secret gist and click on create secret gist

create secret gist

Now you can see this page in your browser

gist created

now to use this gist in our medium story just go to top right corner you can see URL in side of URL there will be some option like Embed, share .. so, choose share from there and click ok

choose share

copy the URL you get after selecting share option .

copy the url

just paste the URL in our medium article and hit enter like i am going to paste the URL and then you can see gist will automatically shown here .

boom 💥… GitHub gist is integrated in our article

4. Insert Photos in medium article.

So For Inserting photos in our medium article we have 2 ways …

  1. first is just click on plus (+) icon shon here in medium article at start like this 👇
click on plus (+) Icon

after clicking on plus icon you can get below option just choose camera one and then select you image and press enter

click camera option
select image
image is here

2. Second option to insert photo is just take screenshot of any image and then paste it (ctrl +v ) .

just take screenshot and paste it

same way you can use any image or gif in medium article just right click on any image and then click on copy image after that just paste it in the medium article wherever you want .

5. How to Insert Videos in Medium

For inserting videos in our article we just need to paste the link of YouTube , Vimeo and then press enter .

Flutter Media Player

this above video link is of flutter media player app created by me, video on my YouTube channel .

Great ! its done now video is also inserted in our medium article .

6. Shortcut keys and emojis,

Publishing your article

For publishing your article just click on Publish, publish button is located at top right corner where you are editing your article

click on publish

Once you click on publish you will get this screen where you give any 5 tags (tags are like hashtag if you know ).

just give some tags and then publish it

→ Note :- Here in medium they provide some shortcut keys to make changes in article so that your article looks more interesting and better .

in top right corner you can see triple dot option is there when you are writing your medium article just click on that

click on three dots then hints

Give some tags related to your article content .

give some tags

after clicking on hints and keyboard shortcut you can see this view show in below image .

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use shortcut key shown in above image .

One more thing is remaining to tell you i.e. you can see this line is different from other so for getting output like this you just need to press ctrl + alt + 5 same you can see in above picture of keyboard shortcuts’s .

→ Note :- there is one more shortcut available on windows i.e. window key + . (dot)

it will show you emoji you can choose any emoji you want to use in medium article .

select emoji

That’s all about article writing on medium .

7. Medium Partner Program

Now I am going to talk about how to earn money from medium partner program .

What is the Medium Partner Program?

The Medium Partner Program allows writers to earn money for the content they publish on Medium based on engagement from Medium members. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll to the Medium Partner Program
    To join the Medium Partner Program, you need to link your Medium account with your bank account or debit card via a third-party payment service called Stripe. Additionally, you need to provide your taxpayer information within 180 days to be able to receive payments from Medium.
  2. Make your stories eligible to earn money & submit them for curator review
    Once you’re in, you can write your story, and put it behind the paywall. You also put your already published stories behind the paywall to start earning revenue from them.
  3. When you put your story behind the paywall, you are also submitting it for a review by Medium curators. If a story meets Medium’s Curation Guidelines, a curator will recommend it to readers interested in relevant topics across Medium.com, our app, and email digests.
  4. Earn money based on member engagement
    Partner Program writers are paid every month based on how members engage with their stories. This is determined by member reading time. Each member’s subscription fee is distributed proportionally to the stories that the individual member engaged with that month. You can always check your payment estimates in your Partner dashboard.

Here is complete guide to apply for medium partner program and earn money by writing on medium .

Medium Partner Program Guide :- https://help.medium.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011694187-Getting-started-with-the-Medium-Partner-Program

And Here is video about how to enroll in medium parnter program by kunal naik sir in their YouTube channel Co-learning Lounge .

Guide to apply for Medium Partner Program

📝 ️Few Last Words

→ There Are Many things about medium that i will be discussing in my upcoming article .

→ I will be sharing many article’s on Integrating multiple tools and technologies Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning etc. In Upcoming days .

→ Follow me on Medium for more Article’s on Research based and integration of new new tools and technologies .

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I Hope you learned something new from this article .

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