Load Balancing HAProxy Setup On AWS Using Ansible ..!!

Created by Abhi

Pre-requisites :-

- hosts: localhost
— credential.yml
— name: Launching AWS Instance
key_name: keynew
instance_type: t2.micro
image: “ami-0ebc1ac48dfd14136”
wait: yes
count: 3
aws_access_key: “{{ ansibleuser }}”
aws_secret_key: “{{ ansipass }}”
vpc_subnet_id: subnet-82c7fdea
region: “ap-south-1”
group_id: “sg-9e0c4dfc”
assign_public_ip: yes
state: present
ansibleuser: AWS Access Key Here
ansipass: AWS Secret Key Here
ansible --version
vim /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg
vim /root/ansible_aws/hosts.txt
./ec2.py --list
ansible all -m ping
cd /lbserver
vim /task/main.ymlThis file will configure instance as load balancer
vim /handler/main.yml
vim /template/haproxy.cfg
cd /webserver
vim /task/main.ymlThis file will configure other instance as webserver
vim setup.yml
webserver :-server1
server 2
Loadbalancer :-



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