Launching Zoom On Docker Container

Created by Abhishek Chouhan

Hello Everyone !

This time, I am here with the article in which I am launching zoom on the top of docker.

Task Description 📄

Before starting the task lets understand the prerequisites

  • On the top of RedHat 8, Docker is installed
  • Inside docker container, I am performing the entire task.
  • Need to install zoom rpm inside redhat linux first then dockerfile will do furthur work.

So Let’s Start 🤟

Creating directory

Creating Folder

Here we have 2 ways by which we can install

first one is by “wget” command and the other one by copying zoom via dockerfile from linux vm. I am using second one here actually i tried both.

Link to download zoom rpm :-

zoom rpm



Building the Dockerfile

In place of ‘path _of_dockerfile’ in above command we can use . (dot) if the dockerfile is in the same directory where you are running this command.

building dockerfile

Main command to launch the zoom

Network we are using as host and -env DISPLAY used for displaying gui in docker container and volume we are using for mounting so that it will not crash our app again and again.

One more thing if you are trying this task then run complete below command if you left any tag it will give you error !

Here after running the above command you might face this error “no protocol specified and unable to init server” i.e.

unable to init server

So here is the solution, Run this command to solve above error

Zoom launched :)

Launching zoom

Point to remember

give name “root” here otherwise zoom will exit automatically, even in any situation where you give wrong id pass or anything incorrect it will crash immediately so give correct details

give name root here

Giving details

giving meeting details

Live Class of Vimal Sir Inside Docker 😍

Live Class of Vimal Sir Inside Docker 😍
Sir’s Explanation 😍
Sir’s Explanation 😍

That’s all guys

📝 ️Few Last Words

→ There Are Many things about Docker, Machine learning and DevOps , Automation that i will be discussing in my upcoming article .

→ I will be sharing many article’s on Integrating multiple tools and technologies Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning etc. In Upcoming days .

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Github Link for code

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I Hope you learned something new from this article .

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Thank you EveryOne For reading .!!




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