Image Creation, Swapping and Making Collage

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Hey Folks !

This article is all about creating our own image, crop swap and make collage of two images

Task Description 📄

! Creating our own image

Create image frame of size given

Creating circle and line for our image

Showing the image created

Here is the image, We created..

Image created by above code

Task 4.2 :- Crop and swap image

Showing the image we have or we can say reading the image

Colour Image

Cropped Colour Image

Cropped Colour Image

Viewing Second image

Mountain image
Cropped Mountain Image

Finally here is the swapping of images

Image Swapped

Task 4.3 :- Collage Creation

Viewing first image

Vijay Image

Second Image

Rashmi Image

checking shape of image vijay and rashmi

Resizing both images

Horizontal Collage

Horizontal Swap

Vertical Swap

Vertical Swap

That’s all guy’s

📝 ️Few Last Words

→ There Are Many things about Docker, Machine learning and DevOps , Automation that i will be discussing in my upcoming article .

→ I will be sharing many article’s on Integrating multiple tools and technologies Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning etc. In Upcoming days .

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Github Link for code

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I Hope you learned something new from this article .

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